Suunto MC-2/G/6400 Compass in Millradians


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The advanced navigation compass.
When venturing out into new territory, these sighting compasses offer precision navigation with a variety of carefully engineered and dependable features for challenging conditions.


  • Direction Scale: Mils
  • Compass Accuracy: 2 degrees
  • Compass Resolution: 2 degrees
  • Balanced for northern and/or southern hemisphere
  • Clinometer
  • Large mirror
  • Jewel bearing
  • Adjustable declination correction scale
  • Additional sighting hole for superior accuracy
  • Baseplate with magnifying lens and anti-slip rubber pads
  • Detachable snap-lock in lanyard. Easy to detach for working with the map
  • Wristlock in the lanyard
  • cm or inch scales
  • Measurements 65  x  101  x  18  mm
  • Weight 74 g
  • Bezel Material: Plastic
  • Metric scales cm, inch, 1:20 000 km Roamer, 1:25 000 km Roamer
  • Balanced for northern hemisphere
  • Declination correction adjustabl

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