OATH Frontline Professionals Discount Program



The events surrounding COVID-19 have created challenges frontline professionals have never faced before. Even in normal times, your job of ensuring the safety and well-being of Canadians is not easy – And now it’s more challenging than ever. To thank you for your unwavering commitment, 911 Supply is implementing a Frontline Professionals Program. This exclusive program is now being offered to all Frontline Professionals involved in the fight against COVID-19. The safety of everyone depends on you performing your job effectively and safely. As such, our commitment to provide the gear you need to do that job has only strengthened. Now it is easier, faster, and more affordable to get the products and services you need.


Eligible for the following industry affiliates: Nurses, Doctors, Police & Armed Enforcement Officers, Peace Officer / Enforcement Officer, Military, EMS, Fire, Security Guards, Corrections Officers, Border Services Guards, Professional Search and Rescue Technicians, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Services, Department of Fisheries and Ocean & Coast Guard, Nuclear Security Services Armoured Car Guards.

If you are a frontline professional that is eligible under our OATH program and do not have an issued ID, we ask that you provide a letter from your organization verifying your active status and the date that status is active until. Please forward letter as your ID to oath@911supply.ca for processing, if further information is required we will contact you.


As a member of the Frontline Professionals Program, you will benefit from…

  • 10%-20% discount on most purchases from 911 Supply
  • FREE Concierge Delivery service (Calgary area only)
  • Minimum order value for Concierge Delivery waived
  • Priority order processing, handling, and delivery
  • Exclusive discounts off clearance product
  • Eligibility for exclusive product giveaways

*Full information on discount rates and other particulars on the program available upon approval for eligibility.

     Easy Application

    Becoming a Frontline Professionals Program member is easy. Just follow these simple steps…

    1. Go to our web site 911supply.ca 
    2. Create an Online Account or Login if you already have one 911supply.ca/account
    3. Fill out our secure form and upload your professional ID* at the bottom of this page or email ID directly to oath@911supply.ca
    4. Your Account is NOT ready.  Approval process may take up to 1-2 business days.
    5. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation email and your account is ready to go.
    6. Login every time with your email address and begin receiving your benefits!

    *If you are a part of one of the professions included in our OATH Program, but are not issued formal ID, because of the role being volunteer or paid on call, we ask you to please obtain a letter from the authority at your organization to confirm your active status, and the date which your membership status is good until. Please forward that letter as your ID to oath@911supply.ca and we will review and be in touch if there is anything else we require to approve your application. Thank you for all you do.

     Terms and Conditions

    911 Supply reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at the company's sole discretion.

    At 911 Supply we take your privacy seriously, your information will not be disclosed to any third party and no copies of identification will be retained. 911 Supply may request proof of identification at anytime to maintain enrollment in the OATH Program.