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    Tuff-Tie Hand Restraint Individual

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    For over 26 years TUFF-TIES have been providing a smart alternative to the carrying of multiple heavy metal cuffs and the cumbersome and often-dangerous rigid plastic restraint commonly found hanging off an officer’s already overcrowded gunbelt.


    • The most easily carried and concealed restraint available, by far.
    • Soft conforming fit naturally reduces prisoner injury.
    • Unsurpassed breaking strength of 800 lbs. when used as directed.
    • Unlimited shelf life.
    • Completely unaffected by weather extremes.


    • Cord Tensile Strength: Over 800 Lbs.
    • Cord Material: Flat Diamond Braided Nylon
    • Locking Block Material: Reinforced Polycarbonate
    • Assembly Weight: Only 8 grams (Approximately 1/4 oz.)
    • Loop Circumference: Hand Restraint: 12.5" each side, Foot Restraint: 25"
    1. STRENGTH - TUFF-TIES are at least 40% stronger than electrical cable style ties.
    2. EASE OF CARRYING/CONCEALMENT - Plastic cable ties are normally carried in the hatband or looped over the officer's belt. Multiple pairs of TUFF-TIES easily fit in the pocket, the cavity of the handcuff case, the glove box of the car, etc. When carried in the pocket, TUFF-TIES will not become entangled. Undercover officers commonly conceal the TUFF-TIES in the tops of their socks.
    3. STORAGE LIFE - TUFF-TIES have unlimited storage life. Plastic cable ties have been known to deteriorate over time requiring periodic replacement of inventory.
    4. NON-INJURIOUS TO PRISONERS - Less flexible plastic cable ties have distinct edges which can result in self inflicted injury by a struggling prisoner. TUFF-TIES are soft, flexible, have no sharp edges, and conform to the contours of the wrist. They were designed to not cut into the skin. Unlike cable ties, TUFF-TIES are designed with a small amount of "give" to prevent cutting off circulation.
    5. WEATHER CONDITIONS - Plastic cable ties can deteriorate when exposed to sunlight or heat. TUFF-TIES are impervious to any kind of weather conditions. TUFF-TIES are unaffected by exposure to sunlight and they remain flexible even in the coldest weather.
    6. LOCKING - TUFF-TIES are locked in by 18 polycarbonate teeth.
    7. QUALITY MATERIAL - TUFF-TIE blocks are made from the highest quality polycarbonates. The braid is of the same nylon cord that is used in truck radial tires. Additionally, a component is added to the block to make it practically indestructible. Every unit is inspected prior to sale.
    8. PRICE - TUFF-TIES are now very competitively priced, especially when the low cost of the removal tool is considered. Visit our order page.
    9. COMBUSTIBLE - Both the plastic cable ties and the TUFF-TIES are combustible when an ignition source is maintained. A prisoner theoretically could burn them off. Severe burn injury would most likely result. In any event, as a matter of standard police procedure, no prisoner should ever be allowed access to ignition devices or left unattended. Likewise, common sense and training dictates that the officer should not allow a restrained prisoner to engage in a "sawing" motion against a fixed jagged or abrasive object as it may cut through all types of temporary restraints.
    10. EASE OF USE - The TUFF-TIE pre-formed loops slip easily over the prisoners' wrists or legs and are snugged and locked in seconds. See our instructions for more information.