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    Iron Tactical Tan Steel Weighted Plates 2x 3.4lb (Not for ballistic usage)

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    Iron Tactical's long-lasting, weighted plates offer maximum mobility. Iron Tactical's weighted plates are currently available in 3 weights which fit into tactical vests, backpacks, tactical bags, and more.


    • Laser-cut steel.
    • Pistol grip handles for easy transport and in-hand use.
    • Cut corners for maximum shoulder movement.
    • Slots for retaining straps specifically designed for the 5.11 Tac-Tec Plate Carrier.
    • Perfect protection for airsoft and paintball.
    • Designed for training and exercising.
    • Can be used several different ways to attain your training/exercise goals such as burning more calories, gaining muscle, increasing endurance, and more.
    • Aims to improve overall body composition when used while exercising.
    • Compatible with backpacks, vests, plate carriers, and other carrier systems.
    • Can also be used in-hand.
    • Functional and durable modern design.
    • Not for ballistic usage.
    • 1/8" steel. 3.4 lb weighted plates. Comes in a pack of 2.