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    Hygenall Lead Off Single Wipes Pack of 25

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    At the range, in the woods, or on the job whenever you fire your weapon you are exposed to toxic metals. These heavy metals can be handed of to other objects and family members. Regular soap and sanitizers will not remove these metals but these wipes can. Make Hygenall Lead off wipes part of your gear. Hygenall wipes trap toxic metals and removes germs. Hygenall is a patented four part system that is made up of a specially manufactured wipe that has been pre-wetted with a carefully designed surfactant (A surfactant is something that makes water more slippery). The wiping action of the wipe against the skin causes toxic metal dust to move up and away from the skin while at the same time removing dirt, grime and germs. Rinsing with fresh clean water completes the cleaning cycle.


    • Use to clean off after discharging firearms, handling ammunition, hunting or firing range training.
    • Cleans off: dirt, germs, lead dust, cadium, mercury, chromium and other heavy metals.
    • Use daily on hands, arms, face, neck and other exposed areas of skin. Rinsing is not required.
    • For increased effectiveness, use second wipe followed by rinsing.