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    Form insole Maximum (Comfort & Relief)

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    Extra-thick comfort & maximum pain relief, perfect for all work boots, hiking boots and athletic shoes.

    • Unique shape cradles your foot, creating unparalleled support and comfort.
    • Makes every shoe feel like it was custom-made just for you
    • Alleviates and often eliminates symptoms relating to plantar fasciitis.
    • Aids in reducing blisters. A properly fitted insole reduces rubbing and friction, the major cause of blisters
    • Corrects over-pronation, a major cause of foot, knee and lower back related alignment problems.
    • Increases the lifespan of shoes by creating a more rigid and durable structure.
    • Provides an extremely affordable alternative to expensive prescription orthotics.
    • Re-useable and re-moldable up to 5 times.
    • Transfer your insoles to new shoes as seasons & styles change.
    • Temperweave Fabric regulates foot temperature, reduces moisture and eliminats odor causing bacteria.


    Two ways to form your insole:

    • Wear'n form
      • Right out of the box, FORM insoles have been designed to instantly go to work and start providing leading edge support and comfort for many different foot types. Remove your existing factory shoe inserts or insoles. Place your FORM insoles into your shoes and within a few days of normal wear , your insoles will naturally form to your unique foot shape.
    • Warm'n form 
      •  For a more advnaced level of customization, you can warm up your FORM insoles in an oven and warm-activate the unique modling process. This will provide your feet with an uniquely shaped insole that will provide unparalleled support and comfort.
    • Sizing:
      • B: Women's 5.5-6
      • C: Men's 5-5.5/ Women's 6.5-7
      • D: Men's 6-6.5/ Women's 7.5-8
      • E: Men's 7-7.5/ Women's 8.5-9
      • F: Men's 8-8.5/ Women's 9.5-10
      • G: Men's 9-9.5/ Women's 10.5-11
      • H: Men's 10-10.5/ Women's 11.5-12
      • I: Men's 11-11.5/ Women's 12.5-13
      • J: Men's 12-12.5
      • K: Men's 13-13.5
      • L: Men's 14-14.5


    • Contains extra thick cushioning for shock absorbing comfort
    • Comfort shaped arch to reduce stress on feet and knees
    • Heel cup design for max support and shock absorption
    • Temperweave fabric to reduce moisture and odor
    • Base layer custom molds to your foot shape
    • Machine washable