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    Eagle Industries

    Eagle Industries Hand Warmer Sleeves

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    The Eagle Industries Hand Warmer Sleeve is a fleece-lined handwarmer with waist strap and expansion compartment made of Tweave 520E material. The hand warmer sleeve has elastic cuffs for fit and comfort, an expandable bottom, and side-release buckle for easy donning and doffing.


    • Dimensions(LxWxH): 9.0"x9.0"x2.5"
    • Weight: 7.2oz
    • Compatibility: One size fits all

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Ernie Marsden
    Eagle Industries Hand Warmer Sleeves

    The delivery was prompt without any issues; however, let's delve into the sleeve itself.

    1. The toggles intended to secure the openings fail to grip the elastic cord, leaving the openings vulnerable to cold air.

    2. The webbing for the waist strap seems either too slender or the fastener lacks quality, necessitating frequent readjustment during use.

    3.Exposed seams from the zipper in the expansion compartment at the sleeve's bottom allow cold from the zippers to permeate, diminishing overall warmth.

    4. Regrettably, the sleeve lacks insulation. The inner fleece is thin and of poor quality, allowing the canvas material of the outer sleeve to be felt through it, resulting in minimal heat retention.

    In summary, the product does not justify its price. Subpar construction and the use of inferior materials compromise its ability to retain heat effectively. This sleeve may be more suitable for temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius, where a hand warmer is unnecessary.