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    Militaur Ventilation Vest

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    The Adjustable Militaur Ventilation Vest is the ultimate solution for staying cool and comfortable while wearing body armor. Made from durable polyester mesh, this vest sits comfortably under your armor and creates a space between your undershirt and vest, allowing for increased airflow and breathability. With the Militaur Ventilation Vest, you can say goodbye to sweaty, smelly undershirts. The vest's innovative design helps reduce heat and moisture build-up, keeping you dry and comfortable. Additionally, the vest provides weight distribution which ensures that your body armor sits comfortably, so you can stay focused on your mission. This vest is equipped with front and back panels, adjustable shoulder and side straps, and two removable hook and loop straps to ensure a secure fit. Whether you're a law enforcement officer or military personnel, this ventilation vest is a must-have for staying cool and comfortable on the job.


    • SIZING: (Torso is measured at the lower rib)
      • SMALL - Chest > 34”, Torso 24-30”, Weight > 145lbs
      • MEDIUM - Chest 35-38“, Torso 31-38”, Weight 150-175lbs
      • LARGE - Chest 39-45“, Torso 36-43”, Weight 180-215lbs
      • X-LARGE - Chest 46-50“, Torso 40-46”, Weight 220lbs-260lbs
      • 2X-LARGE- Chest greater 50”, Torso greater 48”, Weight greater 265lbs
    • Please note, sizes are approximate and will vary with different body types. If you have any questions about sizing, please contact us and we will help ensure you get the correct size.


    • Reduces Sweat: No matter what season it is, you can bet that you’ll end up sweating in your body armor. The Militaur Ventilation Vest creates space between your body armor and undershirt, so heat and moisture can escape while fresh air flows freely. The result? Less sweat, less fatigue, and more comfort.
    • Cuts Odor: Sweating under your body armor quickly leads to you (and your partner) dealing with some serious stink. The vest keeps the funk away by allowing moisture to escape.
    • Provides Cooling: When your body armor sits directly against your skin, it prevents air from getting in there and cooling you down. By making room for airflow, the Militaur Ventilation Vest pulls heat and moisture away from your body and keeps you cool - even when the temperature is turned up.
    • Prevents Chafing: Having your body armor rubbing against your skin all day (or night) can create nasty chafing. The Militaur Ventilation Vest is made from a lightweight mesh that keeps your gear off your torso, protecting you from the effects of chafing.
    • Distributes Weight: Because the Militaur Ventilation Vest is compressible, it helps distribute the weight of your body armor and keep it snugly in-place. So, whether you’re hopping fences or doing event security, your body armor will sit comfortably all shift long.
    • Breathable: The dark damp world that is your body armor is a perfect place for funk. The Militaur Ventilation Vest helps with air-flow to ensure that microbes don’t make your torso their hang-out spot.
    • Adjustability: The vests unique adjustability points (front and back shoulders as well as front and back torso) will help you get that customizable comfortable fit for all body types.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Militaur Ventilation Vest

    I used to sweat profusely when I wear my vest. I found the Militaur online, read the reviews and bought it from 911 Supply. They have an Oath Program offering a discount. What a difference this vented mesh vest made! It made wearing a vest much more comfortable and abit cooler! It was a great buy!

    Simple but subtle upgrade to duty gear.

    Been wearing this under my armor for about a month now. It took some adjustment, but it is overall a huge improvement. Less sweat, better circulation. Helps with movement. Quality construction and materials. Nice to see made in the USA gear that is proper quality.

    Erin Layden
    it's an improvement.

    I honestly don't feel a huge difference....yet. I think the real test will be in August when I'm sweating a lake. I think it will be more effective if I was standing out in the wind. It needs some tiny fans. lol

    Don Green

    Definitely helped sweating to much