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    Aclima DoubleWool Neckgaiter (Jet Black)

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    DoubleWool Neckgaiter is a high neck with two layers of fabric, which covers the nose and mouth when you pull it up. It has a good fit and protects well against cold and wind. In the front, there is only one layer of wool netting that will release warm air and prevent ice formation on the inside of the fabric. Neckgaiter ensures that cold air does not get down into the neck and neck opening of the outerwear, you easily regulate the temperature by taking the Aclima Neckgaiter on and off.

    With the two of Aclima's best materials are combined, WoolNet and WarmWool, these garments both very well insulated. At the same time they have a fantastic ability to transport moisture away from moist skin. WoolNet creates insulating air pockets and transports moisture to the outter layer. On the outside of the wool mesh, WarmWool insulates more, and at the same time moisture-wick away from the body. Whether you are going on an expedition, sitting still while hunting or out in bad weather, DoubleWool is an excellent choice.

    Customer Reviews

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    Excellent product

    Product fits well, stays up/covering lower face well and does not slide down. Keeps lower face warm