No Ordinary Decal Winner Announcement

2nd No Ordinary Decal Contest

Contest Started: September 1, 2017

Contest Ended: December 1, 2017

Congratulations to our winner of No Ordinary Decal Contest, @calgore! We picked the winning entry based on how well it fits our ‘Prepare for Action’ or ‘Prepare for Duty’ ideology. @calgore’s photo shows our decal in his locker where he had been preparing for duty for 4.5 years. He told us, this was a photo that was taken on his last shift before he was transferred. We love a photo that has such a meaningful event behind it. Congratulations again! Thank you to everyone who participated. Your support of this contest is greatly appreciated! Next contest begins in January, hope to see your photos and learn your stories in the next round! Stay tuned for official start date and prize announcement!