SAM medical Splint Tactical 36" Roll

SAM medical Splint Tactical 36" Roll

SAM Medical

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Touting unrivaled flexibility, SAM® Splint bends into any simple curve, becoming exponentially stronger and more supportive. SAM® Splint is globally acclaimed by emergency care providers, outdoor enthusiasts, the U.S. military, and even NASA.

SAM® Splint leverages the revolutionary C-Curve™ Principle to mold its foam and aluminum layers into structural arcs, strong enough for pre- or post-cast care, while remaining lighter and more transportable than traditional splints that rely on heavy, rigid materials. Bend it back into its original form to stow away or remold for a separate injury.

SAM® Splint is lightweight, flexible, and requires only wrap or tape to provide the necessary strength to support any fractured or injured limb.


  • Cut-to-size: SAM Splint's two layers of closed-cell foam and its aluminum interior can be cut with ordinary scissors to adapt to any size requirements.
  • Moldable Aluminum: Flat, O-temper aluminum inside the splint's outer layers molds easily, allowing for a wide spectrum of applications.
  • Cleanable exterior: Exterior closed-pore foam can be cleaned and disinfected with bleach and water for reuse.
  • Radiolucent Material: Medical professionals are able to take X-rays and CT-scans without removing the splint from the fractured or injured limb.
  • Weather Resistant: Designed to function across the spectrum of global temperatures from the Sahara to Mt. Everest.
  • Lightweight design: Substantially lighter than plaster or fiberglass splints, SAM Splint requires only a wrap or tape to secure an injured bone or stabilize a joint.
  • Standard width 4.25".