October 30, 2015

911 Supply and Adventure Gear offers a variety of major brands in Canada such as 5.11 Tactical, Arc'teryx LEAF, Surefire, Magpul, Oakley SI, Salomon, Streamlight, Smith Optics Elite, Original S.W.A.T., Blue Force Gear, Benchmade, Bladetech, Bravo Concealment, CRKT, Kershaw, Maxpedition, Mechanix Wear, Eberlestock, Gerber, HAIX, Hatch, HWI, Mayflower, MSR, Qalo, Swany, Under Armour, Uncle Mike's, Zero Tolerance just to name a few. We carry items such as tactical pants, shirts, jackets, ballistic and slash vests, boots, belts, pouches, MOLLE gear, holsters, EDC pocket knives, batons, handcuffs, flashlight, headlamps, backpacks, duffle bags, ballistic goggles and sunglasses and lots more.

We specialize in tactical uniforms and everyday clothing, personal protection equipment and tactical gear for law enforcement, police, paramedic, fire, military, search & rescue, military, EMT, EMS, security and private corporations. We are dealer located in Calgary, Alberta with products in stock ready to ship to anywhere in Canada.


Welcome to our Blog

Whether we are referring to a jacket, holster or a pouch for a load-bearing vest, equipment is fundamentally synced to what we do and how well we do it.  Are you buying a piece of kit because you like it, or because you need it?  Will it meet your needs and perform adequately, or will it fall apart or malfunction when on a call or in a harsh environment, when failure is less desirable or possibly catastrophic?

When we buy equipment, there is always uncertainty, a concern for compatibility, quality, and effective results. Twenty years of Law Enforcement experience, with the most recent six years working as part of a large municipal full-time Tactical Unit, allows me to give you solid, experienced based advice. Let me tell you what has worked and what hasn’t, and more importantly why. Allow me to assist you in spending your money wisely so you choose the right item for the appropriate mission.

I have been given an opportunity by 911 Supply and Adventure Gear to regularly write a short Blog on kit and equipment which gives me a forum to tell you what works for me, and other members of my team. My blog is not intended and will not bash manufacturers, their hard work, and desire to produce something that you may need. I will, however, be honest in my opinion about whether a product is worth spending your hard earned money on, or what may be a waste of time and valuable resources. Join me in helping you pick the right gear.