Shirt Lock Under Garment Belt

Shirt Lock Under Garment Belt

Shirt Lock

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Shirt Lock undergarment belt was developed for men and women as an alternative to shirt stays and other accessories designed to keep your shirt tucked in. Whether it is for business, sports, military and police uniform dress, scouts, school uniform or ROTC; Shirt Lock will keep your shirt tails where they belong- in your pants. Shirt Lock is a great alternative for the shirt stay garters, suspenders belt, men's suspenders, the rubber belt or shirt stays. Also an essential part of your referee uniform or umpire gear. Golfing to high jumping or hot pursuit, Shirt Lock keeps you looking neat and professional.

Single Shirt Lock in the 1" wide variety. Adheres to the fabric of the shirt and the pants. Recommended for waist sizes up to 38". Made of a nylon, hook on hook material 10x the tensil strength of velcro. Unisex belt. This size not recommended for officers wearing the Duty Belt suggest 1.5" variety. Unisex belt.