Revision Batlskin A3 Helmet High Cut Kit


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The Revision Batlskin System is a fully modular, scalable and tailorable suite of integrated head protection components that provides ballistic, blast, and blunt force protection. The Batlskin Viper System includes Batlskin Viper A3 High Cut Helmet with 1 NVG hole, O.75" pad set, standard harness, Batlskin Viper Modular Head Protection system and a pre-installed Batlskin Viper Helmet Cover.

*Helmet Cover only avaliable with Black and Multicam options.

Viper A3 High Cut Kit Includes

  • Batlskin Viper A3 High Cut Helmet
  • Interlocking rails
  • Modular Strap System
  • Standard Revision liner
  • One NVG hole
  • Helmet Cover (Black and Multicam ONLY)



Meets stringent quality standards, this helmet stops NIJ IIIA level threats (9mm, 44 mag and 0.357 SIG) (NIJ 0106.01) and meets the U.S. Army Standard for impact protection

Four sizes (S, M, L, XL) available to ensure optimal fit and performance.

Three cut styles (Full, Mid, High-Cut) provide variable coverage options.

Movable sweat-wicking comfort pads provide impact protection and superior comfort by distributing the helmet's weight evenly. Easily adjustable 4-point attachment system provides optimal retention and fit.

Compatible with standard face shields, NVGs, Chem/Bio Masks and communication devices. Acts as the platform for all Batlskin Viper modular components, including the Front Mount, Interlocking and Standalone Long Rails, Mandible Guard, Visor, and Modular Suspension System.

Multiple NVG hole options, pad sets and helmet color options available for special order.


  • Ballistic Performance: Stops NIJ IIIA Level Threats (9MM, 44 MAG, AND 0.357 SIG) (NIJ 0106.01) and meets the U.S. Army Standards for impact protection.
  • Weight: (Including helmet, liner, retention system and hardware): Medium 50 OZ (1430 G)
  • Impact Performance: Meets U.S. Army Standards for impact protection.

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