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    Nitecore NL1835LTHP 18650 3500mAh Cold Weather Battery

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    The NITECORE NL1835LTHP comes standard with all of the safety features, quality engineering, and more that has made NITECORE a trusted brand for rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Your expensive electronics are safe paired with an NL1835LTHP , that features a built-in pressure relief valve, high temperature resistant design, and built-in PTC to prevent surges. This protects you from overcharging, over-discharging, as well as short-circuits. The NL1835LTHP is built with premium materials, such as nickel-plated stainless steel connectors for impact resistance, good conductivity, and resistance against oxidation. Safe and reliable, the NL1835LTHP, is globally insured and has earned multiple certifications for electronic use.

    Made to perform in freezing temperatures, Nitecore NL1835LTHP 18650 battery triples the typical 18650 battery discharge efficiency at -40F, which makes it a great power source for low temperature applications. It comes with a respectable 4200mAh energy storage capacity. An ideal companion for all 18650 compatible devices in cold climate.


    Length: 2.73in (69.3mm)

    Diameter: 0.74in (18.7mm)


    • Up to 3X Discharge Efficiency vs Conventional 18650 Battery
    • 8A Max discharge high performance 18650
    • Microporous barrier for heat dissipation and insolation
    • Built-in PTC for surge protection
    • Nickel-plated stainless steel cathode and anode
    • Tough plastic circuit board protector


    Compatible Chargers

    • NITECORE UMS2 Dual Slot Digital Charger
    • NITECORE UMS4 Quad Slot Digital Charger
    • NITECORE UI1 Single Slot Charger
    • NITECORE UI2 Dual Slot Charger

    18650 Battery Compatibility

    • This is a button top battery designed for flashlights that accept standard 18650 batteries.
    • It does NOT work in any non-flashlight device.
    • It does NOT work in any flashlights that require a custom battery.
    • It does NOT work in any electronics that only accept flat top batteries.
    • It can be charged in a lithium-ion charger such as UI1, UI2, UMS2, UMS4.