Kretzer Robin Safety Boy Rescue Shears

Kretzer Robin Safety Boy Rescue Shears


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The ROBIN "Safety Boy" Rescue Cutter is the finest escape tool available, designed to ensure the most rapid egress possible from an aircraft or automobile crash.

This unique tool was created to deal with the three situations you are likely to face in those critical moments after a crash:

1. It smashes and knocks out car and airplane windows easily to facilitate escape.

2. It cuts seatbelts and shoulder harnesses, which are often impossible to unbuckle after a crash, especially if the wreckage comes to rest inverted.

3. It cuts through tough clothing such as boots and motorcycle clothing that may be snagged on the wreckage, or that may have to be removed to administer first aid.

Manufactured in Solingen, Germany -- world renowned for the finest cutlery -- the ROBIN "Safety Boy" is standard equipment for the German Red Cross, nearly all German emergency service agencies, and many German fire departments, yet it seems to be almost unknown outside of Germany.  

The ROBIN "Safety Boy" comes with a unique quick-release mounting bracket that enables you to mount it in your vehicle for ready access in an emergency. The bracket has sharp retractable pins for carpet mounting, as well as countersunk holes for conventional screw mounting onto a hard surface.