Inova Microlight XT LED Wand


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Simple to activate and operate, powered by long-life, easy-to-replace lithium batteries (included), the LED Wand illuminates in every environment. The wand itself is a translucent, extremely durable light transmitting polycarbonate rod. It has a polished end to project a spot-beam in addition to the illuminating glow. Because it's lightweight, waterproof, and neutrally buoyant, it's perfect for diving, boating and other water sports. It has four functions—high beam, low beam, strobe, and signal—and so makes an excellent signal marker, flashlight, emergency flare, and spot beam. (In summary, every car and boat should have one.) It's also an ecologically responsible alternative to disposable chemical light sticks, making it the perfect addition to camping gear and survival kits.


  • Transforms the Inova® Microlight XT flashlight into a versatile Signal Marker / Spot Beam / Beacon.
  • Floats/Submersible – Depth rated to 500 feet (150m)
  • Available in: White or Green
  • Wrist lanyard included
  • Storage compartment holds spare batteries and clip
  • O-Ring ensures a water-tight seal
  • Extremely durable poly-carbonate body
  • Inova® Microlight XT runs up to 22 hours of light per battery set.

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