Inova 24/7 Multi-Function Light

Inova 24/7 Multi-Function Light


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The 24/7 exceeds even the strictest engineering requirements. Its polymer case is rugged, water resistant, and can endure temperatures from -20° C to + 50° C. With a cluster of 8 LED lamps, the 24/7 projects a forceful flood beam up to 75 feet, and provides up to a 1.25 mile signal visibility, in eight steady and signal functions, easily adjusted on its front facing rotational dial. These include:
  • White Light (from the 7 o'clock position): Low Power White; High Power White; Signal Strobe; Pulsing White; S.O.S. Signal White.
  • Colored Light (from the 1 o'clock position): Red, Yellow and White Distress Strobe; Red and Yellow Emergency Beacon; and Night Vision Red.
  • Locator Beacon modes provide an intermittent red flash, and are accessible in between any mode position (15,000 hour battery life).

Powered by 1-123 lithium battery and advanced LED technology, the 24/7 sits on a stable base, and is an ideal freestanding flashlight. But it also comes with a built-in stainless steel clip for attachment to clothes or gear, plus four special transport and mounting accessories (neck lanyard, headband, magnetic mount and four wall mounting brackets) to optimize its versatility and effectiveness. Convenient around the house, in the car, boat, plane, camp, jobsite and countless other places, the 24/7 is the perfect illumination tool to keep anywhere you want to be prepared.


  • LED Colors: White, Yellow and Red
  • User Interface: Easy single-handed operation with rotational dial
  • Modes: 8 Steady and Signal Functions
    • Low Output White – steady, low output white light, perfect for reading
    • High Output White – steady, high output white light, with 75 feet effective range
    • Signal Strobe – Flashing Strobe Pattern, White Light, 60 pulses / minute
    • S.O.S. Signal – Flashing S.O.S. Pattern, White Light
    • 3-Color Hi-Visibility Distress Strobe – Rapidly flashing, sequential white-yellow-red light
    • 2-Color Emergency Beacon – Flashing sequential red and yellow light
    • Night Vision Red – Steady red light – Preserves eyes, night vision
    • Locator Beacon – Intermittent red light, pulses every 5 seconds, 15,000 hour battery life
  • Signal Visibility (up to): 1.25 mi (2.01 km)
  • Battery Type: 1-123 Lithium Battery Included
  • High-powered, energy efficient lifetime LEDs
  • Body Colors Available: Yellow and Olive
  • Body Material: Rugged Polymer Case
  • Water-Resistant construction and O-ring seals
  • Built-in stainless steel clip for versatile attachment and carrying options
  • Dimensions (Length x Diameter): 3" (7.62 cm) x 2" (5.08 cm) 1" (2.54 cm) depth
  • Weight: 2.75 oz. (78 g)
  • Accessory Kit Includes: Neck Lanyard, Headband – Headlamp, Magnetic Mount and Wall Mount brackets with two options of fasteners (16 mounting screws and 8 foam adhesive strips) Limited Lifetime Warranty USA