Grey Ghost Gear Accommodator Pistol Mag Pouch

Grey Ghost Gear Accommodator Pistol Mag Pouch

Grey Ghost Gear

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Normally a product that does a bunch of things okay never does one thing well. The accommodator pouch is the exception to this rule. Built to solve an issue that our shooting sports and military shooters were having. The need for a pouch that will take damn near every type of pistol mag and SMG stick mag has always been there. Our R&D team solved this problem. You can put single stack and double stack mags in this pouch, adjusting the pulls at the bottom make it easy. There is a rare earth magnet sewn into the rear of the pouch to add a bit more retention if the shock cord tops are not being used. There is shock cord retention with a pull tab on the top of the pouch for when more retention is needed, like when being shot from a cannon. What’s really fun is that they will actually work. Tested by the snobbiest shooters, these pouches passed to some of their disappointment. They are made with 500D cordura and attached by 1 short Fight Light Malice® Clip. The shock cord tensioning system is maintained by an ITW cord lock. Simply add the mag that you wish to carry on this particular day and either shorten or lengthen the shock cord that exits from the bottom of the pouch and you are REDCON ONE.