Geigerrig Rig Food Chocolate

Geigerrig Rig Food Chocolate


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How It Works: One pouch provides emergency food needs for one full day. In the event of an emergency, just grab your GEIGERRIG emergency water system and your emergency food and go! No need to dig your 50 gallon drum from beneath the rubble and to sludge through the flood water to access your food storage. The GEIGERRIG emergency system can be stored easily in your car and/or your closet for easy access and movement away from the emergency and away from the danger.

1. Supplies 100% RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of protein, fat, and carbohydrates; and 1200 calories/day.

2. Provides 3 different sources of protein, both plant and animal for better-balanced nutrition, that creates better building blocks for the body.

3. Contains medium-chain triglycerides and B Vitamins for increased, sustained energy metabolism (longer lasting energy source).

4. Contains Vitamins A, E, and C that assist with decreasing oxidative stress, which increases during times of high stress.

5. Provides both simple and complex carbohydrates for fast energy on demand.

6. Contains soluble fiber to help with digestion and ‘feeling full’.