Benchmade 985547F Field Sharpener


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Sharpener by Redi-Edge® have a 60-degree inclusive angle (often referred to as a 30 degree angle) that will easily touch up the edge of your blade anywhere, anytime without removing unnecessary blade material.

Safe sharpening instructions

  • Place the sharpener flat side down on a table or countertop. Work near the surface edge to avoid marking it.
  • Be sure the sharpening blades face you.
  • Grip the open road sharpener by the thumb indent.
  • With the other hand, set the knife edge between the sharpeners and draw it backwards, working the blade from rear to tip. Only light-to-moderate pressure is required.
  • Take care to hold knife blade perpendicular or straight to the sharpener.
  • Repeat until the blade is sharp.

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