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    Aussie Peelback

    Aussie Peelback Kangaroo Plate Carrier

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    The APB Kangaroo™ is Aussie Peelback's solution to a mission-ready plate carrier: >>>Stopping holes - with a top load plate bag front and back.

    • Making holes - with 9 built-in elastic magazine pouches.
    • Plugging holes - with a bottom load concealed MED Plate 2.0™ pouch front and back.

    This plate carrier is prominently built around APB's core product, the MED Plate 2.0™, to ensure you have the perfect system to deploy your Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), without having to worry about your ballistic plates falling free (Because they are in a separate pouch)! This system also comes with an original design, "Peelback OnePouch™". An elastic multiutility pouch that is built over top of standard MOLLE rows. This custom pouch design is capable of easily retaining rifle magazines, pistol magazines, tourniquets, radios, 9 bangers, and much more. Guaranteeing you one of the lowest profile systems on the market while saving you money. Unlike most carriers, this carrier comes with pouches right out of the box; while also being flexible and capable of still mounting your preferred MOLLE pouch. Giving you the best of both worlds. This plate carrier is also one of the only systems that can accept buckle on placards on both the front and rear of your plate carrier. Ensuring maximum flexibility to quickly swap out placards for your specific mission requirements. Throughout the entire system, we have built-in easy and adjustable sizing and retention systems dependant on Velcro. This ensures a minimal weight and a simple setup. The rear plate bag also features a left and right internal slit for easy routing of cables or camelback straws; as well as external Velcro OneWrap loops on the front and back for additional retention.


    • Sizing:
      • Plate Bag Is built for SAPI cut plates, but will accept shooters and swimmers cut.
      • Small - Medium SAPI plates.
      • Cummerbund is a velcro one size fits all and will fit a waist size of 28" to 46" comfortably.
    • Materials Breakdown:
      • Fabric - 500D nylon mil-spec Mil-C-4374,C4
      • Webbing - Mil-W-17337
      • Elastic - Mil-W-5664 type II Class I
      • Hook and loop - Mil Spec AA-A 55126
      • Thread - Mil Spec A-A-59826A


    • This item includes:
      • Front Plate Bag
      • Rear Plate Bag
      • Left and Right Cummerbund
      • Left and Right Shoulder Covers
      • MOLLE Placard
      • 2 x Placard buckles
      • Matching MED plate 2.0 sold separately