Adventure Lights VIP IR Legacy

Adventure Lights VIP IR Legacy

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The legacy series represents those VIPIR lights that have set the standard for multifunction LED lights since 1995. Commissioned in almost every allied mission since the Gulf War these lights have proven their worth. Designed in cooperation with some of the world's most elite fighting forces, these lights have and continue to meet the challenges of the real world applications including IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), illumination and signaling in the harshest environments. To prevent accidental overt illumination this model features a one way bezel that needs to go through two IR modes before switching to overt light. The overt light position also has a programmed delay so that it can be dialed through without activating. The light has IR, and one green light steady-on mode and a programmed IR mode that incorporates a very distinctive flash pattern so it is not confused with any other ambient or IR light sources.