5.11 TWBC Suede Care Kit


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Clean, brighten, and rejuvenate your premium quality suede gear and accessories with our new TWBC Suede Care Kit, exclusively from 5.11 Tactical®. Each kit provides a generous portion of powerful suede cleanser that removes stains and adds a bright finish, a suede bar that pulls out spots without abrasion, and a deluxe suede brush to pull away dust and dirt without harming the finish of your suede garments.


  • Suede cleanser removes stains and leaves a bright finish
  • Suede bar removes dust and dirt without abrasion
  • Brush won't scratch or mar suede surfaces


  • Deluxe 5.11® Tough Wear Boot Care Suede kit, includes:
    • 5.11 Suede cleanser
    • 5.11 Suede bar
    • 5.11 Premium suede brush

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