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    All-weather Training Targets


    Designed with a Red Dot Sight (RDS) zeroing focus, this target serves a variety of functions and can be used in many applications.

    The 6” centralized circle allows for many different drills and can challenge speed and/or accuracy depending on distance and round count. It also has 1” grid lines for the zeroing of RDS optics on pistols that provides faster windage and elevation adjustments.

    Inset within the large circle is a 2” square and a 1” circle to allow for more precise zeroing practices or to allow for other drills to be executed.

    The 3x5” boxes on either side were included for incapacitation or hostage rescue engagements, while complying with an industry-standard scoring zone and allow the target to be placed vertically or horizontally.

    The v2 coloured target allows for cognitive drills as well as greater visibility at distance.




    This target was designed to be multi-functional and allow the shooter to combine a variety of drills and skills as it applies to their needs.

    The 8” diameter of the large circle allows for speed drills at closer distances or will challenge the shooter’s accuracy further away. The 3” inner disc allows for creating a smaller target area depending on distance and application, as well as the 2” numbered discs will facilitate a Dot Torture or various other cognitive drills.

    The v2 coloured target allows for target transitions either with numbers, colours or a combination of both.




    With numerous scoring areas, this target can facilitate a combination of drills or be separated based upon the shooter’s requirements.

    The central rectangle simulates a reduced A-Zone and is the dimensions of a regular sheet of paper that is folded in half (8.5x5.5”).

    Inset within the box are three 3” circles that can be used for accuracy testing and a variety of other engagements. On both sides of the target are ten 1” squares that differ in shade or colour and allow for multiple target acquisition and accuracy drills.

    The v2 coloured target further challenges the shooter based on specific target areas or a combination of cognitive drills.


    911 Supply has designed the T-series as a multi-function target for precision rifle shooters. This compact target was made to be easily portable and printable. It allows shooters to check rifle, scope and load functionality, as well as test shooter proficiency. 



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