September 04, 2018

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No Ordinary Decal Winner 4 Announcement

Final No Ordinary Decal Contest

Contest started: June 1, 2018
Contest ended: August 31, 2018

Congratulations to the winner of our final No Ordinary Decal Contest, @lesliemaybee! Thank you to everyone who participated in all of our contests.  We picked the winning entry based on how well it fits our ‘Prepare for Action’ or ‘Prepare for Duty’ ideology. Leslie's photo was taken in Darfur, where she is currently stationed as an international Contractor for the United Nations. 

"That picture was taken as the sun was rising over the decorative embellishments made by our group of Canadians. It's usually pretty dry and sandy here but this month is the rainy season and my 5.11 boots have been essential in running through a lot of mud." -Leslie

At 911 Supply, our team curates quality gear to keep our customers safe and comfortable doing what they do, no matter where they are. Thank you, Leslie, for sharing your story with us, and participating in our contest.  Stay tuned for the grand prize contest!